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Urgent Issues and Countermeasures Relating to the Supply-Demand Management of Water Resources in China (No.100, 2016)


By Zhang Liang, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report No.100, 2016 (Total 4983) 2016-8-4

Abstract: The total quantity of water consumed during the 13th Five-Year Plan period will continue to grow in a slow manner, while the tightening constraints of water resources will remain unchanged. In terms of the supply and demand management of water resources, there exist a series of problems, including how to control the maximum use of water, how to curb the deterioration of water quality, especially that of the worsening groundwater, how to further enhance the water-use efficiency, how to promote the ecological restoration and comprehensive management of water resources, especially the over-exploitation of groundwater, and how to improve the weak points in water infrastructure construction. It is suggested that the water allocation system should be regulated and optimized through government control and market mechanism so that water usage will not go beyond the set limit. Water pollution prevention and control policies should be formulated and enforced strictly to make the water quality meet the required standard for usage. The control over water-use should be intensified to prevent waste of water. The ecological restoration should be employed as leverage, and the comprehensive management of over-exploitation of groundwater should be accelerated. Besides, the investment and financing mechanisms for water infrastructure construction should be improved to expand funding channels.

Key words: water resources, supply and demand management, important issues, countermeasures