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Development Strategy and Regional Economy: Investigation and Research


Development Strategy and Regional Economy: Investigation and Research

By Zhang Junkuo, Vice President of DRC, Gao Shiji, Director-General of Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies of DRC & Hou Yongzhi, Director-General of Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy of DRC

Based on the analysis of current productivity distribution in China, this book gives an analysis of the policies closely related to productivity distribution and relevant basic theories including industrial policies, financial intervention, public services, environmental regulations, large-scale enterprises, city size, government performance evaluation, development strategy and urbanization.

The book is composed of two parts. The first part is Research on the optimization of productivity distribution in market economy. It comprises nine chapters which are: 1. The new development trend and countermeasure on manufacturing industrial layout; 2. Industrial policy and productivity distribution; 3. Financial intervention and productivity distribution: theoretical framework and empirical test; 4. Public service should become the major policy tool for optimizing productivity distribution; 5. Environmental regulation and productivity distribution; 6. Research on the relationship between city size and urban industrial structure; 7. The role of large-sized enterprises in productivity distribution; 8. Government performance evaluation and productivity distribution; 9. Theoretical analysis of productivity distribution. The second part is Research on development strategy and urbanization. It consists of nine chapters which are: 1. Key to stabilizing growth and preventing inflation lies in improving the efficiency of non-trade sectors; 2. Regional development pattern of China in the future; 3. Ways for new-type urbanization to address the three major issues: manpower, money and land; 4. The motivation and proceeds relating to the transfer of urban land-use right for industrial purpose at low price; 5. Dilemmas facing Erdos real estate market and the healthy development of urbanization; 6. The history, achievement and problems of urbanization in the western region; 7. Analysis of the characteristics of present development and future growth trend for urbanization in the western region; 8. Research on the layout, measures and types of urbanization in the western region; 9. Policy options on the institutional mechanism and improvement of urbanization in the western region.

The book is based on the research findings of the task force on the project. Professors Zhang Junkuo, Gao Shiji and Hou Yongzhi are among members of the research team. Thanks are given to all those who have given kind assistance to the research work as well as writing and publishing of the book. Due to festinate time and limited knowledge, there may be unavoidably mistakes and errors in the book. It is hoped that dear readers would not feel restrained to give their comments.