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The Major Work on Promoting the Infrastructure Construction of the Belt and Road Initiative: Creating Conditions for Related Countries to Get Involved in the Cooperation and Construction(No.79, 2016)


By Zhao Fujun, Member of the Research Team on “Policy Research on Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Countries along ‘The Belt and Road’ Routes”, DRC

Research Report No.79, 2016 (Total 4962)2016-6-7

Abstract: Currently, the countries along “The Belt and Road” roots are faced with the problems including imperfect mechanism, underdeveloped economy, and limited trade volume in their infrastructure construction. One of the most prominent problems is uncertainty and risks relating to the cooperation among these countries. In the future, in promoting the infrastructure construction of countries along “The Belt and Road” roots, we should fully consider the feasibility of cooperation with relevant countries. We should create conditions for cooperation and incorporate these countries into a community with common interests and responsibilities and a community with shared future. It is suggested to take the further economic and trade cooperation among these countries as an important driving force and take the inter-connectivity among neighboring countries as an important bolster to promote infrastructure construction. At the same time, the role played by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the Silk Road Fund should be leveraged to encourage private capital in the European and American countries to make investment in "The Belt and Road" infrastructure construction.

Key words: “The Belt and Road” Initiative, infrastructure, uncertainty