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Harm, Causes and Countermeasures for the Problem of Municipal Waste Land Occupation in China (No 14, 2016)


Wang Yufei, Management World Magazine

Research Report No 14, 2016 (Total NO 4897) 2016-3-4

Abstract: Generally speaking, many cities in China are “besieged by waste”, spawning serious environmental problems, incurring resource waste of land, and damaging water, air, soil and the entire ecological environmental as well as citizens’ health. And if addressed unwell, this issue could even trigger social problems. Under the guidance of the initiative to make ecological progress, it is imperative to resolve the problem of waste land occupation and this process can serve as a key leverage for pursuing green urban development. In order to solve the problem, we should not only restore and treat existing land occupied by waste, but also effectively control increased waste. The Tianziling landfill site in Hangzhou has been turned into a Vein Industrial Park and the Beitiantang landfill site in Fengtai District of Beijing has been transformed into a Circular Industrial Park.Both casesprove the necessity of comprehensive treatment of waste-occupying land, whose experience can be referred to by other cities. It is suggested that municipal waste land occupation treatment should be based on the prerequisite of rehabilitating land.We should, while focusing on the control of total waste load, construct circular-economy-based parks with multiple channels of funding and waste incineration plants as the major means to treat and dispose waste. The key is to build and improve the municipal waste treatment system with a diversified range of participants.

Key words: municipal waste land occupation, treatment, waste incineration, circular-economy industrial parks