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Research on Russia’sRise and FallRelating to Human Capital Factors(Report No 4, 2016)


By Li Guoqiang, Member of the Research Team on “The Waxing and Waning of a State and the Role of Human Capital” of DRC,

Research Report No 4, 2016 (Total NO 1479) 2016-2-26

Abstract:The rise of Russia started from the ninth century, experiencing three periods of rejuvenation, with human capital playing a major role in the course of history. Taking a broad view of the waxing and waning of Russia’s power, we can see clearly that the rise of Russia was due to continuous attention paid to human capital development, which was the foundation and impetus for the increment of Russian power. This report is divided into four parts. Part 1gives a concise introduction to the history of Russian development. Part 2 analyzes the waxing and waning history of big powers through human capital analysis. Part 3 analyzes in detail the situation of Russian human capital development and relevant experience. Part 4 touches upon some research findings and inspirations.

Key words: human resources, human capital, waxing and waning history of a big country, Russia