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High-speed Railway: A Crucial Approach to Transforming China’s Economic Development Model(Special Issues, No 64, 2015)


By Duan Bingde & Cheng Xiusheng, Research Team on “Roadmap for the Development of China’s High-speed Railway IC Technology”, Information Center, DRC

Research Report, Special Issues, No 64, 2015 (Total NO 1467) 2015-12-31

Abstract: China’s high-speed railway construction has now made remarkable achievements.The pattern of four vertical and four horizontal high-speed railroads has basically taken shape, covering 90 per cent of China’s population. China now possesses a high-speed rail system with the most complete technology, the longest operation mileage and the highest speed, taking a leading position in the world high-speed rail development. High-speed railway is becoming a key booster to shore upChina’s national economic and social development. Its rapid development has also brought profound economic and social changes such as lowering the time costs for transportation, making high-speed railwaybecome the major means for green commuting,reducing logistical costs, accelerating the regional economic integration progress and transforming China’s economic development model. But it must be pointed out that the huge construction cost and safety risks related to high-speed railway should not be neglected. The government should give an active response to the challenge, make the allocation of high-speed railway become more rational, expand overseas investment for high-speed railway projects so as to ensure a smooth and swift development for various high-speed railway programs.

Key words: regional economic integration, high-speed railway, business network