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Jiaxing’s Efforts to Break the Urban-Rural Dual Structure and Enlightenments(No 178, 2015)


By Xiao Junyan, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report No 178, 2015 (Total NO 4863) 2015-11-23

Abstract: Jiaxing city in Zhejiang province has made efforts to break the urban-rural dual structure and promote an integrated urban and rural development. Its efforts have made great progress and gained remarkable achievements. Its main characteristics are: strive to narrow the urban-rural income gap, put in practice an integrated and public medical insurance and multi-level pension insurance, promote an integrated urban and rural infrastructure facilities, and enhance community building in rural areas. Its main experience includes: uphold the advance for a coordinated urban and rural development and formulaterelevant working mechanism; protect farmers’ rights and interests in light of the complicated situations in rural areas; conduct comprehensive and compatible reforms along with the building of institutions systems; ensure smooth progress in determining, registering and certifying farmers’ rural land-use rightsand stimulate rural economic potential; adhere to the stand of taking agriculture as the foundation of national economy and promote balanced urban and rural development. The experience of Jiaxing city indicates that it is time for us to advance urban-rural integration across the board and the government should improve the work mechanism on the national level, formulate general national guidelines and special plans, steadfastly make key breakthroughs and resolve difficult issues, establish a national fiscal expenditure system based on an integrated program including both urban and rural areas so as to advance the process of urban-rural integration.

Key words: integrate urban and rural development, experience and inspirations, Zhejiang, Jiaxing