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Further Reform of Railway System in the New Era(No.1, 2016)


By Wei Jigang, Research Department of Industrial Economy

Research Report [No 1, 2016 (Total No. 4884)] 2016-1-5

Abstract: China's railway has made initialseparation of government administration from the management of enterprises and achieved some progress in railway reform, but the tasks of reform have not been accomplished assome long-standing and deep-seated problems have not been completely solved.Railway enterprises have not become the main entities of market, the monopolization of railway transportation market is still quite serious, railway pricing mechanism has not turned into market-oriented,the financial risks triggered by railway debts havebecome greater andthe industrial management, supervision system and relevant laws and regulations remain to be perfected. All these problems must be solved through deepening the reform in the new era. With regard to future reform, the following policy measures are introduced, such as the separation of passengers from cargos, the separation of competitive business from non-competitive business,and the separation of networks from operations.Furthermore, it is necessary toestablish a unified, open, competitive and orderly railway transportation market through competition and reorganization. Meanwhile, it is crucial to establish a railway industrial management and supervision system featured by the integration of power and responsibility, rational division of labor, scientific decision-making, smooth implementation and forceful supervision. Deepening the reform of railway system requires the enforcement of organization, law, technology, theory and publicity.

Key words: railway, reform, approach