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The Current Situation and Future Development of China's Enterprise Innovation (No 148, 2015)


By Li Lan, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report No 148, 2015 (Total 4833)


This paper is taken from the first part of "Research Report on the Growth and Development of Chinese Entrepreneurs 2015". The questionnaires sent out by the research team in 2014 were collected from 2446 enterprise managers and the survey results show that Chinese enterprises have made significant progress in terms of innovation. Most entrepreneurs boast strong innovative ideas with markedly improved innovation capability and rising innovation input. It is also found that basic indicators for enterprise innovation development are on the whole quite sound and that the capability of model enterprises to participate in global innovation projects has been upgraded, judging from the number of overseas R&D departments and the amount of international patents. Moreover, the survey results indicate that the share of R&D spending in sales revenue keeps going up while the proportion of college student employees is on the rise, and that entrepreneurs have attached greater importance to R&D ability with independent R&D gradually becoming the major mode in new product development for enterprises. However, according to the survey, the issue of rising R&D input in manufacturing industry and a lack of innovation personnel might lead to dwindling innovation drives, which requires relevant measures for solution.