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Difficulties and Problems Facing China's Corporate Innovation (No 149, 2015)


By Li Lan, Institute for Public Administration and Human Resources, the DRC

Research Report No 149, 2015 (Total NO 4834)


This paper is taken from the second part of "Research Report on the Growth and Development of Chinese Entrepreneurs 2015". The questionnaires sent out by the research team in 2014 were collected from 2446 enterprise managers and the survey results show that some problems remain to be resolved in terms of China's corporate innovation. The problems mainly include: first, the shortage of innovative talents has been viewed by entrepreneurs as the major factor hindering enterprise innovation; second, due to limited source of fund, innovation mainly depends on equity fund and channels for gaining innovation funds through the capital market are not smooth; third, environment for innovation is not adequate, and entrepreneurs hold that lack of a social environment encouraging innovation, imbalance between innovation risks and returns, and impotent intellectual property security are main factors holding back innovation drives; fourth, entrepreneurs lack willingness for future innovation and become more prudent in injecting more funds into future innovation projects compared with previous years. In addition, enterprises have become less active to "increase innovation input" and "introduce more talents" in next year.