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Major Influencing Factors for Enterprise Innovation in China and Policy Options (No 150, 2015)


By Li Lan, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources of DRC

Research Report No 150, 2015 (Total 4835)


This paper is taken from the third part of "Research Report on the Growth and Development of Chinese Entrepreneurs 2015". The questionnaires sent out by the research team in 2014 were collected from 2446 enterprise managers and the survey results show that by pushing ahead with reform in the governmental administration system focusing on streamlining administration and delegating power to the lower levels, improving the specific pro-innovation policy measures by local governments, and shoring up entrepreneurs' confidence in macro-environment, enterprises would increase investment in innovation and their desire for future innovation would be boosted. It is suggested that the government should stimulate enterprise innovation via deepening reform in the educational mechanism to improve the system for cultivating innovative talent, speeding up reform in the financial mechanism to improve the financial channels for enterprises, creating a social environment to unleash innovation, and strengthening intellectual property protection. In addition, the government should ease market access, preserve fair competition, enhance the responsibility of market players, set up the credit system, and enforce laws effectively so as to enhance entrepreneurs' desire for future innovation, carry forward entrepreneurship, and give free rein to the entire society to promote business and innovation-driven development, thus better accomplishing the national innovation-driven strategy.