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E-Government and the Modernization of State Governance (No 152, 2015)


By Lan Zongmin & Li Guangqian, Research Team on "Promoting Transformation and Upgrading of China's Economy through Informatization"

Research Report No 152, 2015 (Total 4837)


As a new management model based on information technology, e-government is essential in speeding up government function transformation, promoting restructuring of state governance, advancing upgraded models of state governance and enhancing environment improvement for state governance. It is conductive to realizing the general objectives of the reform concerning state governance system and the modernization of governance capability. The modernization of state governance has raised new demands for information integration, information disclosure and information diversity in terms of e-government. However, the building of e-government in China still faces problems such as poor system design, insufficient integration and planning and an underdeveloped security system and therefore, is not in place to offer strong support for the modernization of state governance. It is suggested that efforts should be made to enhance the top-level design and overall planning of e-government, accelerate the building of a standardized e-government system, build diversified channels to offer government services, speed up the application and dissemination of the new generation of information technology, improve legal security system, enhance safety evaluation and management and strengthen the role of e-government in promoting the modernization of state governance.