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Major Measures and Factors Concerning the Promotion of Green Development (No 126, 2015)


By Lu Wei, Project Team on "The Systems, Mechanisms and Policies of Green Development", Research Department of Industrial Economy of DRC

Research Report No 126, 2015 (Total 4811)


With the speeding up of industrialization and urbanization and the upgrading of consumption structure, China's energy demand and resource consumption are experiencing a rigid growth while resource and environmental restraints posed on economy and society are becoming even more outstanding. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to green development and ecological conservation, taken resource preservation, environmental conservation and ecological development as a fundamental state policy and adopted a series of rigorous measure to save energy and reduce emissions. This paper gives a general analysis of the policy framework of China’s green development, major green measures taken since the launch of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan and major factors that might affect green development. It also points out that, at present, the main factor affecting green development is problems relating to relevant systems and mechanisms, namely, insufficient top-level coordination and planning, lack of coordination and compatibility in policy implementation, defects in accountability objectives and the assessment and evaluation system, inappropriateness in supervision mechanism and law enforcement, deficiency in economic incentives mechanism and overemphasis on administrative supervision, negligence on prevention at source and too much focus on end-of-pipe treatment as well as absence of an effective mechanism for public participation.