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Create Favorable Institutions, Mechanisms and Policy Environment for Green Development (No 127, 2015)


By Lu Wei, Project Team on "The Systems, Mechanisms and Policies of Green Development", Research Department of Industrial Economy

Research Report No 127, 2015 (Total 4812)


As China's natural resource and environment capacity are on the brink of reaching the alarm line, it is imperative for us to address the long-standing issues relating to natural protection and transform China's development model from a traditional one featured by high emission, high pollution and development at the expense of environment to a green one characterized by low emission, low energy consumption and environmental-friendly mode. Compared with the traditional model, green development is wider in range, more strict in standards, more sophisticated in management and more inclusive in participation. Green development is both a complex systematic work and a long-term mission covering fields like industry, economy, social development and technological advance that requires long and arduous efforts. The key to achieving green development is to create effective systems, mechanisms and a favorable policy environment, transform traditional model for environment conservation, coordinate development with environmental prevention, protection and control through a combination of legal, administrative, economic and social means with science and technology, combine supervision with incentives, combine short-term measures with long-term mechanisms and encourage individual interests to be in line with overall interests so as to push ahead green development.