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Overseas Practices of Network Intellectual Property Rights Protection and its Enlightenment to China (No 97, 2015)


By Li Zhijun, Management World & Xing Xiaoqiang, University of International Business and Economics

Research Report No 97, 2015 (Total 4782)


Network intellectual property rights refers to a range of intellectual property rights arising from Internet, including online novelty contents generated from traditional intellectual property rights and new forms of intellectual property rights spawned by application of Internet technology. Due to its openness, common sharing and communality nature of Internet, it has become a hard nut to crack in the world as to with what concepts, systems, instruments and measures to protect network intellectual property rights. Developed countries from Asia and the West, including US, EU, Japan and ROK, have all made pilot practices on this issue. As a latecomer in Internet, China is featured by a colossal online volume and a rapid expansion. Besides, the underdevelopment of legislation, jurisdiction and management of network intellectual property rights add to the insufficiency to fulfill the requirement of the national innovation-driven strategy. By discerning the laws of the evolvement of Internet and being well aware of China's present development, we should construct an Internet intellectual property rights protection system in light of the national conditions so as to make its due contribution to the worldwide network intellectual property rights protection.