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Global science and technology innovation centers: Law of development and inspirations (No 67, 2015)


By Xiong Hongru, Research Team on "Building a Science and Technology Creativity Center with Global Influence in Shanghai", Department of Techno-Economic Research of DRC

Research Report No 67, 2015 (Total 4752)


This paper summarizes the basic features and the law of development of major science and technology innovation centers in the world. Science and technology innovation centers evolved from economic centers, with relatively concentrated universities and research institutions as well as appropriate livable and working environment for making innovations. Most of them occupy large areas with different types due to different development goals. At the same time, the evolution of science and technology innovation centers is highly related with major science and technology as well as industry revolution, resulting from both spontaneous formation mechanism and government planning mechanism. Propelled mainly by institutional innovation, the transfer of these centers among different regions depends on the comprehensive effect of various factors. From the perspective of international experience and China's conditions, the following three issues should be given adequate concern when building world-class science and technology centers in China. First, clarify the basic principles and policy orientation during the period of strategic opportunities. Second, create an innovative environment in consistence with international standards and coordinately utilize market mechanism and government function. And third, attach importance to local characteristics and regional coordination, explore an advanced system with Chinese characteristics and build a number of innovation centers with different features.