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Trial practice on and basic approach towards the improvement of villagers' self-governance in Zhejiang Province (No 60, 2015)


By HeYupeng, Chen Chunliang, & Ye Xingqing, Research Team on "An Effective Way to Realize Villagers' Self-governance", Research Department of Rural Economy of DRC

Research Report No 60, 2015 (Total 4745)


The rapid development of urbanization and swift construction of new-type villages have exerted a great influence on geographical border, population composition, development form and management method. In recent years, in Zhejiang Province, the Jiashan County of Jiaxing city and Deqing County of Huzhou city adopted respectively "self-nomination and direct election" to improve democratic election system and optimize democratic decision-making method through villagers' referendum in eight steps, strengthened democratic supervision through seven measures to make the management of village affairs more transparent, and clarified villagers' property rights by collective property rights quantization reform, so as to improve the current system of villagers' self-governance based on administrative villages. As for new-type cross-village community self-governance, the straightening out of three-level relations among county, township and village, and villagers' self-governance at villagers' groups level, some positive achievements have been made. For further progress, efforts should be made to enhance reform to realize actual rural collective property rights, the construction of villagers group's self-governance capacity and the innovative form of rural community self-governance.