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Research and deliberations on pilot practice of self-governance in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province (No 61, 2015)


By Feng Mingliang, Zhou Qunli, He Yupeng & Ye Xingqing, Research Team on "An Efficient Way to Realize Villagers' Self-governance", Research Department of Rural Economy of DRC

Research Report No 61, 2015 (Total 4746)


In order to improve self-governance efficiency, a pilot practice has been made in some townships of Qingyuan city, Guangdong Province. According to the arrangement, the size of villagers' committee is reduced and the new committee is composed of one or several villagers' groups. With regard to village committee in the former administrative villages, its original function of self-governance is separated from social management and public service, and becomes a local station providing comprehensive social service and also an agency of the township government, responsible for social management and public service whereas the villagers' committee is committed to villagers' self-governance. The pilot practice is carried out in light of the factors such as historical origins, geographical relations, interest foundations, and ethnic group relations. Meanwhile, the former rural governance structure composed of "townships-administrative villages-villagers' groups" is changed into "townships (responsible for administration)-local districts (responsible for providing service)-villages (responsible for self-governance)". The pilot practice has exerted quite evident influence on aspects such as the enforcement of villagers' self-governance, the improvement of social administration and public service in rural areas, and the acceleration of development of public welfare undertaking, yielding important practical significance on the improvement of administrative structure in rural areas.