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Survey on new type of rural community governance in Xinxiang City, Henan Province (No 59, 2015)


By Feng Mingliang & Ye Xingqing, Research Team on "Effective Way of Realizing Villagers' Self-Governance", Research Department for Rural Economy of DRC

Research Report No 59, 2015 (Total 4744)


Xinxiang City has made efforts on developing new rural communities in the process of integration of rural and urban areas. It provided villagers within certain areas with guidance on their resettlement in new dwelling places and constructed new types of communities with management service in line with urban community standard. New rural communities have effectively promoted the integration of urban and rural areas and the prosperity of rural economy. As a result, public services and infrastructure facilities in rural areas have been further developed. However, some deeper-rooted problems on legal status and social integration relating to new rural communities still exist. In particular there lacks a clear definition among the government function on social management and public service, the self-governance function of villagers and the collective property management function of collective economic organizations. So among them there often occur such cases of either misplacing their position, or overstepping their position or even fail their function. Besides, the structure of governance needs to be improved. As a new form of rural populated areas, new rural communities are calling for a sound governance mechanism and a higher level of governance.