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Agriculture-business industrial alliance: A positive exploration for agricultural products' circulation (No 46, 2015)


By Wang Hui, China Economic Yearbook, He Yupeng, Research Department of Rural Economy of DRC

Research Report No 46, 2015 (Total 4731)


Agriculture-business industrial alliance mode constructs an e-commerce platform for the integration of internet exchange, supply chain management and socialized service through building a closely cooperated industrial alliance of agricultural products companies, purchasers and farmer's cooperative organizations, so as to achieve an organic integration of agricultural industry chain and higher circulation efficiency and retrospectively force the construction of agricultural products' standards, cold-chain logistics, safety traceability system. It is also an innovation of agricultural products circulation, playing a positive role in transferring agricultural development mode, especially in promoting large-scale production, industrialization and standardization of agriculture development. From the perspective of promoting the healthy development of new formats and new modes of agricultural products circulation, it is suggested that related government departments fully pay attention to this upgraded agricultural e-commerce mode, offer related policy support, clarify the non-profit nature of agricultural-business industrial alliance, and counting on the e-commerce platform of agricultural products, accelerate the improvement of agricultural product quality standard system to promote the sound development of e-commerce of agricultural products.