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Development of the mixed ownership economy in China: Main problems & countermeasures (No 48, 2015)


By Li Jianwei, Zhang Yong & Zhao Zheng, Research Team on "Development Strategy of Mixed Ownership Economy", Culture Media Co. Ltd. of China Development Press of DRC

Research Report No 48, 2015 (Total 4733)


Development of mixed ownership economy is favorable for enhancing the competitive edge, dominance and influence of State-owned economy. The overall competitiveness of the national economy is of great and strategic significance to the economic and social development of the country. However, the development of mixed ownership economy is facing a number of institutional and mechanism challenges including the lack of systematic plan of development and reform, incomplete management system of State-owned capital and State-owned enterprises. In addition, the circumstances for private capital to participate in the reform of State-owned enterprises should be optimized and an open and transparent system to supervise and administer the State-owned enterprises should be established. In order to push forward the mixed ownership economy, relevant reform measures should be placed on top-level agenda, and further improve the management system of State-owned capital and corporate governance system of enterprises. Meanwhile, development of non-public economy should enjoy a positive market environment and mixed ownership economy needs to enforce the rule of law, and the property rights market should fully play its role.