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Case study on the development of mixed ownership economy in China — Experience and inspirations drawn from Harbin Institute of Technology Group on developing mixed ownership economy (No 49, 2015)


By Zhang Shiyu, Zhang Yong & Zhao Zheng, Research Team on "Development Strategy of Mixed Ownership Economy", Culture Media Co. Ltd. of China Development Press of DRC

Research Report No 49, 2015 (Total 4734)


Competitive edge, dominance and influence of State-owned economy could gain advantage from development of mixed ownership economy, which could enable economy with different types of ownership to have a coordinated development through mutual learning. Started from an enterprise in an institute of higher learning, Harbin Institute of Technology Group (HIT) has now grown into a large-scale enterprise with mixed ownership covering multiple business areas while enjoying strong international competitiveness. The key for its development hinges on its breakthrough of traditional system and mechanism obstacles, the implementation of a development strategy with diversified equities and industrial structure, and the establishment of a set of highly effective management system that puts market, talents and culture in the first place. HIT has optimized property rights structure and diversified industrial layout through capital operation and achieved multi-channel financing, various types of investment, diversified industrial distribution and multi-regional coordinated development. Besides, the corporate governance system of the Group is in accordance with the law and requirement of the market. All these experience could be a model of reference for the reform of mixed ownership economy in the new period.