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Basic approach towards accelerating logistics innovation development in China (No 42, 2015)


By Wang Wei & Liu Tao, Research Team on "Roadmap and Policies for Logistics Innovation Development in China", Institute of Market Economy of DRC

Research Report No 42, 2015 (Total 4727)


With the economic development entering the stage of new normal, China's logistics industry is experiencing a key period of transferring development engine. Promoted by profound changes of the layout of production and consumption, gradually improved infrastructure and fast development of the new-generation information technology, the logistics innovation has already made a start along with constantly emerging diversified new-type service modes and logistics organizations. However, logistics innovation in general has not exerted a strong influence on elevating the whole society's logistics efficiency, so it has not become the main force pushing forward logistics development. Therefore, in compliance with the need of the new normal, it is suggested that a general scheme for advancing logistics innovation should be made through research and guidance and support for logistics innovation development should be strengthened so as to build as soon as possible a brand new logistics development pattern driven by multivariate innovation composed of service innovation, technique innovation, organizational innovation, mode innovation and system innovation to powerfully support the cost reduction and the adjustment and transformation of logistics industry and enable China to transfer from a big logistics country to a strong one.