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Duan Bingde

Stimulate the vitality of market participants to help movie industry "go global" (No 40, 2015)


By Duan Bingde, Research Team on Strategies and Policies for China's Culture Industry "Going Global", Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies of DRC

Research Report No 40, 2015 (Total 4725)


The strategy of "going global" for culture industry plays an important role in achieving industrial transformation and upgrading, fostering new areas for economic growth and increasing national soft power. Currently there are two ways for Chinese movies to expand overseas presence, namely non-profit communication with foreign countries and market-oriented commercial promotion, both of which have developed quickly in recent years. Movie co-production between China and foreign countries could drive the flow of technique and capital and increase the number of audience, and promote China's movies to go global. However, China's movie industry is facing the challenge of inadequate comprehensive strength, international cultural differences, cultural trade protection, lack of experience of international promotion and competitive market participants. Great importance should be paid to the development of some private-owned movie companies like DMG (Dynamic Marketing Group) in terms of their rapid rise, successful internationalization, team building and business mode, movie co-production between China and foreign countries and internationalization-based marketing. Efforts should be made to give play to political leverage, encourage open competition and stimulate market's vitality through further opening up, cultivating market participants, increasing capital input and improving financing mechanism and relevant supporting policies.