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Trend and policy inspirations: Logistics innovation in developed countries (No 41, 2015)


By Wang Wei, Research Team on Innovational Development Orientation and Policy Studies of China's Logistics Industry, Research Institute of Market Economy of DRC

Research Report No 41, 2015 (Total 4726)


Since the 1980s, developed countries have witnessed a diversified and deep-level innovation of logistics industry in a wide range. A series of new services, new technologies, new organizations and new methods sprouted, accelerating the modernization of logistical system and the adjustment of network layout in those developed countries and even in the whole world, which contributed to the establishment of a modern logistical system with high-concentration of knowledge, technology and capital, as well as high efficiency. More importantly, the logistics innovation, especially the development of new logistical patterns such as multimodal transport, the third-party logistics, and administration of supply chain, etc, helps to optimize the distribution of logistical resources in the whole society to a better degree, effectively and persistently cuts down the logistical costs and enhances the logistical efficiency in those developed countries. The achievement of logistics innovation is inseparable from the consistent improvement of market economic system and system innovation in developed countries, which calls for the compliance with the requirements of logistics industry and accelerated innovation of institutional mechanism, to release the vigor in the innovational development of logistics industry. The practices and achievements of logistics industry in developed countries can provide great reference and policy inspiration for China to promote innovations in logistics industry.