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Deliberations on environmental management and reform under the new circumstances (No 24, 2015)


By Zhou Hongchun, Research Department of Social Development of DRC

Research Report No 24, 2015 (Total 4709)


In the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China's economy will perform in a state of new normal in which opportunities of environmental management will coexist with challenges. The development of environmental management and environmental protection industries is restricted by some problems such as too much pollution without control, pollution changing with industry transfer, misconduct of policies, and the narrow coverage and low rate of pollution charges. We should be consciously aware of the severity and complexity of environmental pollution, the grim situation facing ecological environment and the difficulty and protracted nature of pollution control. In order to change the unsustainable and uncoordinated situation between environmental protection and economic development and satisfy the increasing demand of urban and rural residents on environmental protection, we must adjust our environmental management measures, accelerate reform pace, reverse the disadvantageous situation of environmental protection, clarify the relationship among environmental management, environmental business and environmental market, foster a main management leverage with pollutant emission permit as the base, the environmental standard-based criterion as the retrospective mechanism and the lifelong liability accounting system as the judicial verdict and build a society in which everyone abides by law and enterprises conscientiously control pollution and protect environment.