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The use of reclaimed water in cities: Major restraints and countermeasures (No 25, 2015)


By Zhang Liang, General Office of DRC

Research Report No 25, 2015 (Total 4710)


Reclaimed water, also known as the "second urban water resources", plays an important role in solving problems such as water shortage and pollution to water environment. In many foreign countries people are much concerned about the use of reclaimed water whereas in China it is a different picture. Severe obstacles are still in the way for making better use of reclaimed water, such as backward pipeline construction, inappropriate price system, people's lopsided approach toward the use of reclaimed water, imperfect supervision and administration mechanism of water quality and non-standard water supply and drainage management system. It is suggested that the relevant departments remove the restraints obstructing pipeline construction, build a perfect investment and financing mechanism, actively explore alternative channels, and carry out a scientific layout of reclaimed water plants; improve water quality standard system, establish an open and transparent supervision and control system, and enhance the safety in using reclaimed water so as to dispel the worries of potential users; expand the scope for mandatory use of reclaimed water, consummate the price system related to reclaimed water, and lay down incentive policies to make full us of reclaimed water; make sustained efforts to standardize water resources management and encourage the use of reclaimed water; and enhance the dissemination of water knowledge to enable people to know more about the use of reclaimed water.