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Establish Shenzhen-Hong Kong sci-tech innovation circle to make it a world-level center (No 18, 2015)


By Xu Hongqiang, Task Group on "Strategic Research of the New-Type Urban Integration between Shenzhen and Hong Kong", Department of Foreign Economic Relations of DRC

Research Report No 18, 2015 (Total 4703)


Shenzhen and Hong Kong enjoy distinct advantages in technological innovation field respectively. To further the technological innovation cooperation between the two cities and forge a world-level technological innovation center bears a significant value to both cities and their economic development. Nevertheless, there are still some obstacles in their technological innovation partnership, thus some corresponding measures should be taken to facilitate their cooperation. Suggestions are as follows: (1). Complete and consummate the mechanism of technological innovation cooperation and form an administrative and coordination mechanism for urban integration; (2). Establish Shenzhen-Hong Kong Technological Cooperation Circle as an implementation of the distinctive strategy in the development of National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in Shenzhen. Build a regional innovation system to promote the economic development; (3). Select areas with notable complementary features with key support and collaboration such as high-tech industry majoring in maintenance and test experiment, application of Internet technology, bio-pharmaceuticals and precision instruments; (4). Introduce talented personnel, capitals and companies to settle down and locate in Shenzhen and Hong Kong; and (5). Make trial practice of free flow of human resources, capital and properties in tariff-free zones and the river bend to be developed at the juncture of the two cities.