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Strategic thinking and suggestions on integrating Qinghai in the Silk Road Economic Belt construction (No 184, 2014)


By Du Pinggui, Wang Hui, Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Research Report No 184, 2014 (Total 4683)


Qinghai Province is an important part of the Silk Road Economic Belt, so it is necessary to integrate Qinghai into the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt for the following reasons. It will help improve the national traffic resource network to strengthen the strategic support for the economic belt construction. It will help build green ecological shelters to guarantee national ecological security. It will be an important alternative resources-rich region for national resource investment. It will unify different ethnic groups for national security and stability, and it will bring the historical and cultural advantages into full play to promote trade and cultural exchanges with the West. As far as Qinghai is concerned, strenuous efforts should be made to overcome constraints such as a limited industrial carrying capacity, difficulty in taking advantage of its resources, difficulty in transforming traditional growth models, and the arduous task of improving people's livelihood. In addition, the province needs to fully consider its own characteristics of location, resources, environment and industries to integrate itself in the Silk Road Economic Belt construction from concepts to planning as well as system and industries, and to contribute to the national strategy. It is suggested that the central government pay attention and give support to major infrastructure projects, ecological and environmental protection sectors, modern industries, strategic energy bases, and the building of an opening-up and cooperation platform in Qinghai Province.