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Rebuilding Boundaries: A New strategy for China's Food Security


Rebuilding Boundaries: A New strategy for China's Food Security



  ISBN: 9787514138221

  Publisher:Economic Science Press

  Issued: November 2013





This bookRebuilding Boundaries: A New strategy for China's Food Securityhas two parts: the "Logic of food security" and "New challenges in China's food security", both of them with six chapters.

The first six chapters concern the following: who is creating the global food crisis, a mid-to-long-term strategy for food security in China, the paradox of food controls, where to look for advantages and avoid disadvantages in food imports, price fluctuations in Chinese agricultural products after the reforms and opening-up, and the influence of new price rises in agricultural products.

The second six chapters cover: concerns over global food price rises, new challenges in China's food security, ways to keep agricultural product prices at a reasonable level, the Doha Round of agricultural negotiations: process and problems, the US "creates the food crisis" and what it's for, and rebuilding China's food security boundaries.

The appendix contains information on the food market situation and advice on macro-controls.

Author: Cheng Guoqiang, research fellow and director-general of International Cooperation Department, at the Development Research Center of the State Council.