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Reforming rural collective property rights system by returning rights to the people


Han Jun, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC), Zhang Yunhua, Research Department of Rural Economy, and Wang Bin, General Office, the DRC

Research Report No 83, 2014(Total No 4582)


The reform of rural collective property rights is an urgent matter for rural areas, especially in developed ones and suburbs. Shanghai's Minhang district has reformed rural collective property rights through a system with focus on joint stock cooperatives and has seen some improvements but still faces some pressing problems.

These include rural collective economic organizations lacking legal person status, the dividend and rename taxes having a negative impact on reform motivation, and insufficient collective land right halting long-term collective development.

The country needs to work on the Rural Collective Economic Organization Law and related rules, improve tax standards of reforms, give rural communities more land rights for a better legal and policy environment for collective property reforms, and for developing a collective economy.