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Duan Bingde

Develop coal methane technology, coordinate energy safety and environmental protection


By Gao Shiji, Guo Jiaofeng, Hong Tao, Wu Xu, Wang Haiqin, Li Weiming and Qi Aihua

China clean gas energy prospects and policy study research team, the DRC


As the biggest coal producing and consuming country, it is critical that China finds a cost-effective and clean coal production method. Drawing on years of exploration and experience, the paper suggests ways to push the scientific development of coal methane. China is still in the early stage of coal methane development. It has yet to find a path for optimization and technology integration. Also, problems appear in carbon dioxide emissions and unbalanced water supply and demand. Considering all the situations, it will create a mid/long-term plan for coal methane development. China will coordinate transportation and usage of coal methane, push an action plan to deal with air pollution, encourage the use of carbon dioxide, strengthen the supervision of emissions reduction, enhance water resource and water source protection, explore trading mechanisms of water rights transference, and combine technology induction and self-dependent innovation.