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Duan Bingde

Administrative Approval Reforms for Better Government - Enterprise Relations


Zhao Changwen. "Administrative Approval Reforms for Better Government - Enterprise Relations."  China Economic Times, Sept 24, 2013

Surveys have shown that good government - enterprise relations are the key to economic reforms. Here we summarize six problems in those relations -- administrative approval, government discrimination, government functions, government credit, government intervention, and local protectionism. – through the use of questionnaires and investigations.

To resolve this problem, the government needs to change its administrative approval system, create an open, fair, equitable market environment, and establish a service system for all enterprises. It also needs to provide real services and improve supervision, and make full use of industry associations, fulfill its commitments, separate government from enterprises and investment, improve laws and policies, and remove local protectionism by changing the ideas about local government should do.

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