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China Economic Times


China Economic Times

China Economic Times was founded in 1994 as a daily newspaper sponsored by the Development Research Center of the State Council. Focused on the economy, it provides authoritative information for readers in China and abroad. Its main readership includes Chinese government officials, scholars and entrepreneurs.

It contains both high-level and detailed information. Its main report concentrates on economy, society and culture. Its current pages cover various topics, such as international issues, regional issues, finance and economy, industry, enterprises, economic news in East China, real estate, public opinions, specials, the Internet, law, reading and international observation (editorial).

The newspaper has 150 journalists in addition to journalist stations in 25 provinces, cities and autonomous regions.

Its total circulation totals nearly 420,000 per day, reaching almost one million readers in domestic government departments, economic management departments, enterprises and public institutions above the county level.

There are daily deliveries of 30,000 copies to hundreds of domestic and international flights through nine airlines: Air China (Beijing), China Eastern (Shanghai), China Southern (Guangzhou), China National Aviation Corporation (Hangzhou), Hainan Airlines (Guangzhou, Haikou), China Xinhua Airlines (Beijing), China Northern Airlines (Shenyang), Wuhan Airlines (Wuhan) and Xinjiang Airlines (Beijing). Its content is thus geared towards such high-profile readers as government officials and business people.

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