Invisible competition

A planning master said jokingly, Xi’an Daming Palace Pavilion excels beyond others as a crane among chickens. Standing on Zhongshan South Road I, it is just like a fair, graceful red-crowned crane, dancing lightly and spreading its wings to fly.

The performances in Daming Palace Pavilion have a unique charm. The welcoming etiquette of Tang dynasty is noble and magnificent, the Tang-style etiquette of seeing guests out is elegant and graceful, and the Tang-style dances are graceful and colorful. Activities specially designed for visitors such as “Tang princess choosing a man as her husband” and “Tang emperor selecting a girl as the imperial concubine” are fascinating. The Chinese element which shows strong national features will surely become a beautiful landscape in the Expo Garden.

As far as the arc screen video is concerned, it is all but unparalleled in the whole Expo Garden. Walking along with ancient city walls at hand and the heightened effect by 3D, the once magnificent and wonderful scenery of Daming Palace in Tang dynasty emerges in turn until the time when the Daming Palace National Ruins Park opened, showing the vicissitudes of history and the delicacy of modern life. You can experience the warmth and romance, diversions and entertainment here. The alternate space and time give you the feeling of being transported back to the Tang dynasty.

With regard to propaganda materials, we have a more deliberate plan. Firstly, we designed a kind of pretty durable handbag that visitors can carry about easily. And secondly, we also designed presents which embody the Tang culture respectively for common visitors, different countries, international organizations and cities. Each kind of present is handed out to the visitors in a ceremony which shows a unique cultural feature of Tang dynasty.

In terms of the pavilion’s construction cost, Daming Palace Pavilion cannot be mentioned in the same breath as the Chinese National Pavilion, at a cost of 20 million dollars, just as the Chinese one cannot be compared with the Cisco Enterprise Pavilion. However, culture and creativity are highlighted in Daming Palace Pavilion. Only the matters of the 18-meter-high painting of flying Apsaras (飞天) and the caption, “Daming Palace Pavilion will be formally opened on October 1” on the glass curtain wall which closes Zhongshan South Road can give Shanghai a fresh feeling.

We have prepared well to publicize and popularize the history and culture of Xi’an, including the brand of Daming Palace. We will devote ourselves to every detail of our work, throw ourselves completely into the invisible competition, and welcome the World Expo with the final victory.

By Liu Lei


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