Chinese dramas go global
(China Daily)
Updated: 2016-01-06

The Legend of Miyue is one of the most recent Chinese TV dramas to be screened overseas. The exportation of Chinese TV drama copyrights has been on the rise in recent years. In 2014 alone, rights to more than 10,000 episodes were sold abroad. The following are some representative Chinese TV dramas that have also become popular internationally.Journey to the West, 1986


Adapted from one of the best-known ancient Chinese novels, this was the first Chinese TV drama to be screened overseas. The copyright has been sold to Singapore, Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam.

The Legend of White Snake, 1992


The show was a hit both on the Chinese mainland and in Taiwan, and was also popular in Southeast Asia. It won awards in Japan.

My Fair Princess, 1998


This drama enjoys one of the highest audience ratings in China, and also broke records for audience ratings of Chinese-language TV dramas in many Southeast Asian countries.

A Beautiful Daughter-in-Law Era, 2009


The Swahili-dubbed edition of this show was a hit in Tanzania in 2011. President Xi Jinping recommended the show when he visited Africa and South America in 2013.

Empresses in the Palace, 2011 The 76-episode drama was cut down to a six-episode show by Netflix, becoming China's first TV drama to be shown on a mainstream paid TV network in the United States.


Nirvana in Fire, 2014

The show set a new record in audience ratings for imported TV dramas in South Korea.


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