Unilever Prevails in Package Protection
(China IP News)
Updated: 2015-09-09

As one of the seasonings of Unilever (China), "Jiale" spicy seasoning gained popularity once entering the market. However, another product named "Gangdong" uses the similar package with "Jiale", raising Unilever's discontent.

The production and sales enterprise of "Gangdong", Guangzhou Chuangwei Food Co., Ltd. was accused by Unilever to Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court. After review, the court affirmed that Unilever’s "Jiale" and Guangzhou Chuangwei's "Gangdong" belonging to the same kind of goods. The two products have the similar package, which may cause confusion among consumers. Recently, the court made the final judgment, affirming Guangzhou Chuangwei's unfair competition.

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