China, Netherlands join hand in innovation
Updated: 2014-12-26

The China Technology and Entrepreneur Association signed contracts with Dutch enterprise incubators, on Nov 28, to promote start-ups in the two countries, with the Huilongsen International Enterprise Incubator Co, in Beijing's Economic Technological Development Area, or E-town, taking the lead as the the association's secretary-general.

There were several Dutch organizations, such as Eindhoven High-Tech Park, and venture capital companies taking part in the signing ceremony, with the business cooperation expected to help enterprises with different backgrounds benefit from each other's resources. The alliance encourages Chinese members to take part in the annual global selection of business projects, organize business start-up competitions in China, and improve personnel training and financing for new enterprises in both countries.

China's rapid economic growth has caused it to pay more attention to innovation and international cooperation in business, and to more effective resource use so it started the entrepreneur association in Oct 2009, with the support of nearly 200 business incubators, capital firms, business management advisors, and patent agencies all over the country.

Huilongsen says that it continues to explore innovative approaches and has many programs to help its members grow fast, healthily and this Sino-Dutch cooperation opens a new innovative business avenue in China.

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