IP statistics
(China IP)
Updated: 2011-05-03


The statistics of WIPO indicate that China, with 12337 applications, ranked the fourth in the top ten countries of most patent applications in 2010. It is a remarkable increase compared to 7900 in 2009. The top three are USA, Japan and Germany, with 44855, 32156, and 17171 applications respectively. For enterprises that apply for patents, two Chinese companies, ZTF Corporation and Huawei, ranked the second and fourth.


A British company Envisional did a large-scale survey into the data transmitted by Bit Torrent on the Internet, only to find that more than 99% of the data are copyrighted works and pornography. The most illegally transmitted data are pornography and other entertainment movies, taking up 35% of all. Following these are TV series, 13%. Music files that have attracted much attention occupies only 2.9%, even less than PC games which have a 4% share.


The Supreme People's Procuratorate released the results of iron-handed crackdown on IP infringers at a March 31 work seminar on the two special activities that targeted IP infringement. The nation-wide procuratorates arrested 3170 suspects from 1636 cases of IP infringement and manufacture and sales of fake and inferior products. Among them, 2680 persons from 1351 cases had been prosecuted.


According to the work report of the Supreme People's Court made to the National People's Congress in March, the nationwide courts enhanced their protection for intellectual property by playing a positive role in the special moves against IP infringement and manufacture and sales of fake and inferior products. In 2010, the courts nationwide concluded hearings of 48051 cases, a 32.96% increase compared to the previous year.

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