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Hangzhou Internet Court's judicial blockchain goes online

(english.legalinfo.gov.cn) Updated : 2018-10-16

Hangzhou Internet Court became the first court to use blockchain technology to settle disputes, as its judicial block chain officially launched online recently.

Many problems still exist in electronic data generation on the internet such as dispersion and loss of evidence, forgery and falsification of evidence stored in infringer’s equipment and the loss of legal force due to machine resetting that may lead to failure in rights protection.

Blockchain technology is the premium technical solution to such problems, the chief of the Hangzhou Internet Court said, pointing out that the blockchain can record the whole process of electronic data from six dimensions, namely, time, location, character, ex ante, interim and expost. The whole blockchain therefore becomes more credible due to being witnessed by full nodes.

Judicial blockchain helps make the full process more credible in electronic data generation, storage, diffusion and use. For example, it can be applied in judicial alliance chain which connects the notary office, CA/RA agency, judicial expertise center and the court in a chain. In such a case, each unit is considered as a node in this chain.