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Revised regulation to better address discrimination against ethnic minorities in cities

(xinhua) Updated : 2016-07-28

The central government has amended a regulation on ethnic minorities to better protect them from discrimination and help them assimilate with local communities.

City governments should promptly deal with complaints related to discrimination, and ensure ethnic minorities in cities suffer no injustice, according to the draft revision to the country's regulation on ethnic work in cities.

The regulation, which was promulgated in 1993, is unable to effectively address many of new problems emerging from the mass movement of people, an unnamed official with the State Ethnic Affairs Commission said.

As the urban ethnic minority population grows, contravening ethnic policies, encroaching upon ethnic minorities' rights and interests have increased, the official said.

In some places, certain minority groups have reported discrimination in employment, education and accommodation, the official added.

Some migrants have become marginalized, disadvantaged, and live in bad conditions and serious poverty.

In addition, as people of different ethnicities interact more with one another, misunderstanding and even discrimination among them have led to incidents that undermine ethnic unity, and sometimes serious incidents that compromise social stability, according to the official.

In recent years, more than 80 percent of ethnic-related incidents and emergencies have taken place in cities.

The draft revision aims to better regulate and serve the urban minority population. Opinions on the draft are being solicited.

City governments should attach much importance to community-based ethnic work, and help different communities participate in activities so that all ethnic groups could live, study, work and have fun together in harmony, the draft stipulates.

In cities heavily populated by ethnic minority migrants, local-level service and management units should be set up with the support of community service facilities, the draft says.

It also encouraged ethnic cultural and sports activities, as well as the development of the traditional medicine of ethnic minorities.

It asked the central and city governments to better guide, coordinate and supervise ethnic work to ensure effective implementation of ethnic policies.