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Nursing home subsidies for the elderly with disabilities

By Mi Yunjing (Chinadaily.com.cn) Updated : 2016-06-23

Beijing’s Civil Affairs Bureau announced a new subsidy for social welfare residences with low-income people, on June 20, and specific amounts available for elderly citizens with a disability and for the handicapped.

Welfare homes that provide care for more than 50 people with handicaps or senior citizens with a disability can get up to 600,000 yuan ($91,260) in assistance, and can get 1,200 monthly per person for low-income people living there.

If a care facility needs to purchase specific equipment for the treatment of the elderly or handicapped it can apply for a one-time subsidy. For example, a nursing home caring for 30 patients will only need to pay half the bill, while those with more than 50 people need pay only 40 percent.

In addition, low-income people living in retirement home can qualify for a monthly payment of 400 - 1,200 yuan, depending on their income level. And, with additional district government support, the person might qualify for 1,200 yuan monthly.