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Special notes for studying in China

Updated : 2015-06-09

Formalities after entering China

The formalities international students entering China need to go through include:

(1) Registration. Admitted students shall report to the universities on the date specified in the Admission Notice and go through registration formalities in accordance with relevant regulations. If a student is unable to report on time, he shall ask the school for a leave. If a student fails to report on time without the approval of the university, he will be deemed as giving up his status as a student and meanwhile the eligibility for enjoying Chinese Government Scholarship will be automatically revoked.

(2) Health certification. International students who come to China to study for more than six months shall upon entering China apply to the health and quarantine departments for health certification by presenting their passports, the letter or telex specifying the duration of study issued by the enrollment institutions, Foreigner Physical Examination Form and blood test result within the specified period of time. The students whose Foreigner Physical Examination Forms fail to meet the standards will be asked to take physical examination again. The students that refuse to take physical examination or are diagnosed as suffering from the disease that are unfit for entering China in accordance with relevant Chinese laws will be required to leave China.

(3) Residence registration. After obtaining a medical certification, an international student shall apply to the public security organ for residence registration by presenting his passport, the letter or telex specifying the duration of study issued by the enrollment institution and Foreigner Physical Examination Form.