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NPC deputies' remarks on the two sessions' health topics


Updated: 2017-03-13

Chronic disease prevention should be the shared responsibility of the whole society

During the two sessions, NPC deputies and CPPCC members gave their remarks on chronic disease prevention. They thought that "Healthy China" has been upraised as a national strategy, and chronic disease prevention and control is one of its key tasks, which should be a shared responsibility of the whole society.

Li You, a CPPCC member, said that local governments should take chronic disease into account for the overall planning of local areas' economic and social development. The prevention and control work should be listed as performance evaluation target of local governments.

"The prevention and control mechanism should be lead by local governments, relevant departments taking up their responsibilities, and the whole society should participate," Li added.

Health impact assessments should be considered in policy making

Wang Yonghong, NPC deputy and director of Jiangsu health and family planning commission, gave her suggestion that a health impact assessment system should be set up to evaluate the impact of development plans, policies, and major projects for people's health.

"The health and family planning departments should play a leading role in carrying out health impact assessments and improving the supervision system," she said. Wang went on to say that the assessment should be a basis for policy-making and when initiating projects.


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