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Fengtai Park sets up three new academician workstations
Updated: 2013-12-05

Three enterprises in Fengtai Park - a sub-park of Zhongguancun Science Park - officially established academician workstations on Nov 28.

Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Cen Kefa and Xu Binshi, will work together with other scientific researchers on major projects such as the Rail Transit Signal and Control Systems Research Program and PM2.5 Pollution Control Research Program.

Fengtai Park has set up a total of nine academician workstations since 2011, and they have achieved significant research breakthroughs and thus helped to promote scientific and technical innovations in the science park.

Beijing has established a total of 53 academician workstations - involving 111 academicians - and also six academician and expert service centers.

Edited by Chen Zhilin and Niva Whyman


Zhang Yiping

Director of the Minor Enterprise Service Center of the BMDRC


Yu Jun

President of Zhongguancun Development Group


Yu Yang

President and CEO of Analysys International


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