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Kingsoft's Office software gains $50m investment
Updated: 2013-11-28

Kingsoft Office has reportedly gained a new round of investment totaling $50 million and the investors include Morningside Capital, GGV Capital, and Shunwei China Internet Fund.

Kingsoft Office is a competitor to Microsoft Office. Recently the company turned its focus on the American market and established a North America headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

Kingsoft Office will use the newly financed capital to support its business operations in America. By cooperating with original equipment makers, software developers and service providers in America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, the company will expand its global market. With the investments, Morningside Capital and GGV Capital will join the board of directors of the company to participate in global strategy.

China's Kingsoft Office boasted 120 million PC edition users around the world, and the registered users of its Android edition product recently exceeded 100 million. A representative from the company said that Kingsoft Office will focus on providing free-of-charge software for mobile devices in America; while in emerging markets, they will pay attention to PC and mobile office software.

Kingsoft Office previously invested in a Beijing-based Android application developer named Go Launcher. Go Launcher reportedly has 42 million monthly active users and about 70% of them are claimed to be overseas users.


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