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Beijing Design Creativity Exhibition
Updated: 2013-10-20

Beijing Design Creativity Exhibition
Beijing Design Creativity Exhibition (Source: china.org.cn)

The exhibition showcases the latest from Beijing's design industry in the fields of R&D, product design, architecture design, urban planning and digital and new media design. One of the highlights is the "Red Star Design Award" museum, where the best Chinese designs are displayed. The Beijing Gift designs are expected to wow visitors.

Duration: October 21 to 27

Venue: China Design Market, Madian, Xicheng District, inside Desheng S&T Sub-park of Zhongguancun Science Park (Z-Park)


Zhang Yiping

Director of the Minor Enterprise Service Center of the BMDRC


Yu Jun

President of Zhongguancun Development Group


Yu Yang

President and CEO of Analysys International


Zhongguancun Science Park