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Outline of the Development Plan for Zhongguancun Science Park (2011-2020) Selected Edition II

(III) Development goals

The primary innovation and development goals of Zhongguancun Science Park by 2015 are:

To establish a system and mechanism that is in favor of independent innovations

A range of significant breakthroughs are made in the system and mechanism reforms in terms of talent motivation, S&T and finance, intellectual property rights, technology transfer and industrialization and scientific research institutions. The park is also responsible for exploring a series of systems, mechanisms, and supporting policies of national demonstration value. It's also the park's duty to help transform more S&T innovations into products.

To enhance the indigenous innovation ability

The corporate R&D input shall account for five percent of the total revenue and the number of invention patents shall double what it was in 2008. The company's dominant position of technical innovation shall be consolidated, while knowledge creation and technical innovation centers which will have a global impact are to be established.

To set up a Zhongguancun special talent zone

The park plans to draft a strategic layout of prioritized talent development as well as the special talent zone of global high-end innovation talented personnel. It will also establish a "properly selecting, introducing, keeping and rewarding" employment system, attracting about 50,000 high-end talents. The park aims to attract domestic and foreign innovation talents to Zhongguancun and to forge it into China's strategic highland for talent development.

To activate innovation and entrepreneurship

The park is responsible for producing a new innovation and entrepreneur pattern for the S&T and economic development. It plans to boost investment in startup businesses, S&T and finance, promote its scale of global venture capital t become a leader in the Asian-Pacific region, and to become one of the most dynamic venture capital centers around the world to foster a favorable cultural atmosphere for innovation with Chinese characteristics.

To improve the park's industrial international competitiveness among the world's top

The park is to enlarge its industrial scale, and increase its total revenue from 1.3 trillion yuan in late 2009 to 3 trillion yuan. The park will also optimize its industrial structure increase the proportion of the high-tech service industry in the park's GDP from 59 percent at the end of 2009 to over 65 percent.

The park will master a batch of key industry technologies and standards and give rise to several strategic emerging industrial clusters. It will also cultivate a group of large-sized enterprises with an annual sales revenue of more than 50 billion yuan, and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises with strong innovation capability.

To enhance innovation internationalization

The park will accelerate innovation to develop into a global innovation network node by absorbing international innovation resources and practicing internationalized operations. With more active international S&T cooperation and exchanges, the park hopes to establish more innovation exchange and cooperation platforms with international influence.

By 2020, the Zhongguancun Science Park will improve its innovation environment and strengthen its innovation vitality and efficiency. The park plans to realize a total revenue of 10 trillion yuan ($1.58 trillion) and to incubate a group of world-renowned transnational enterprises with strong international competitiveness in the software and information service, biomedicine and new energy industries.

The park also plans to establish several world-class universities and research institutes, and to cultivate more innovation elites to become an international S&T innovation center and high-tech industry base.


Liu Chuanzhi

Founder of Lenovo


Li Yanhong

Founder, board chairman and CEO of Baidu


Charles Zhang

Founder, Chairman and current CEO of Sohu


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