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Outline of the Development Plan for Zhongguancun Science Park (2011-2020) Selected Edition I

(II) Strategic positioning

The Zhongguancun Science Park shall uphold its goal of international exposure, national radiation, innovation demonstration and future leadership. The park will stick to its strategic positioning of "a pilot area of reform, a leading area of opening up and innovation, a cluster of high-end elements, an area of innovation and pioneering, and the birthplace of strategic industries".

The park is set to help build Beijing into a world city, develop itself into a S&T innovation center and a high-tech industry base with a global influence in a decade.

A pilot area of reform

The park will promote system and mechanism reforms and innovations, as well as establish and complete the driving and motivating mechanisms facilitating independent innovation. It will also explore and create a new model that facilitates mutual promotion and interaction among industries, universities, research institutes and users of the products made in the park. It combines the market resource allocation and the government macro control to transform S&T achievements.

The park sets up a platform for national and local innovation cooperation, motivates resource integration and collaborative innovation. It also constructs the indigenous innovation system and policy system with Chinese characteristics and serves as China's model of reform.

A leading area of opening up and innovation

Given great impetus to the internationalization of Zhongguancun enterprises, industries and innovation elements, the park has intensified innovation cooperation and exchanges with primary developed countries, as well as undertook and organized major international S&T cooperation plans. They also built the significant platform and elite force for China to participate in global innovation competition and cooperation, and set an example for companies of internationalized innovation and development.

A cluster of high-end elements

The park gathers high-end innovation elements worldwide, builds the state-level special talent zone, explores the new mode for utilizing such innovation factors as talents, technologies and funds, and expands financial services. The park aims to forge an important node in the global innovation network with collective innovation resources, high innovation efficiency and good innovation benefits. The park has set an example of high efficient use of innovation resources for the whole country.

An area of innovation and pioneering

The park will create an environment with favorable policies, develop a batch of research-oriented universities and institutes based on the modern university (institute) system, focus on the promotion of original innovation, generate a group of groundbreaking innovation results, form a number of innovation enterprises with global presence, realize the industrialization of a large number of indigenous innovation achievements, cultivate several types of emerging industries with great potential, and lead the way for national innovation and pioneering.

The birthplace of strategic industries

The park is responsible for developing emerging strategic industries characterized by strong innovation capability, high S&T content and added value, small resource and energy consumption, and low pollution and emission. It will also push forward industrial upgrading and the high-end extension of the industry value chain, and make a demonstration for developing technology.


Liu Chuanzhi

Founder of Lenovo


Li Yanhong

Founder, board chairman and CEO of Baidu


Charles Zhang

Founder, Chairman and current CEO of Sohu


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