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Qiyun Mountain Customs Exhibition displayed in the Water Cube
Updated: 2014-06-24

On June 18, Qiyun Mountain Customs Exhibition was displayed in the Water Cube in Beijing.

Qiyun Mountain in Anhui province is a famous Taoist holy place. This exhibition showed pan-dimensionally the special Taoist culture, Danxia landform, inscriptions on precipices and Tai Ji drift on Hengjiang River and other cultural and tourism products to travelers and guests at home and abroad.

This exhibition is an important part of “Search for Taoist Mountains”, the 2nd customs exhibition of “Wild China & Beautiful Land”, which was sponsored by the China Landscape and Historic Sites Association and hosted by the National Aquatics Center (the Water Cube). Wudang Mountain in Hubei province, Qingcheng Mountain and Taishan Mountain are also on display.

Supported by the special space of the Water Cube and tourist gathering areas like passageways and center stage, through the use of huge pictures, multi-dimensional glass exhibition shelves, an information desk and “On the Qiyun Mountain” performed by Xu Qianya on the electronic screens, poetic Yuehua (Moonlight) Street, geological wonders like towering red cliffs and green trees, the profound Taoist culture and vigorous and graceful inscriptions on precipices are displayed in three dimensions. Cultivated by the Mountain and geoscience culture, folk Taoist culture and regimen culture, tourists are lead in exploration of the Taoist Mountains whjich have inherited the Chinese civilization for five thousand years and they can appreciate the infinite charm of Qiyun Mountain.

The famous native products of Qiyun Mountain and its surrounding areas, such as, organic tea from Xin Anyuan, dried bean curd from Wucheng Jialong, and Lao-zi Regimen Hotel, have all gathered good brand images for Qiyun Mountain scenic spot.

Qiyun Mountain Customs Exhibition was co-hosted by Qiyun Mountain Management Committee and Sunriver. The forms of this exhibition were rich and colorful and the performance methods were fine and comprehensive. The period of Qiyun Mountain Customs Exhibition will continue until October this year. During the exhibition, some other displays focusing on the theme “Wild China & Beautiful Land” will be held in the Water Cube. Audience numbers will be over 10 million.